Dear friends,

are you already as excited as we are?
The first virtual Cologne Curler Tournament will take place -> on 27.03., starting at 6 pm (CET) !

You and your team can expect a competition with various games, question rounds and team challenges in the sporting disciplines of knowledge, teamwork, tactics, stamina and more.
And for this great event you don’t even have to leave your home! Below you will find all information about registration, mode and procedure.

Deadline for registration is 15th of March, until then we need the following information from you via mail to :
– Club
– Teamname
– Players and their position (Skip, Third, Second, Lead -> Maximum 4, minimum 3 players)
– Mail-Address of EACH player (why this is important, you can see in the information below)

ATTENTION: Some teams have already pre-registered -> first come, first serve!
Unfortunately we can’t process single player registrations, but if in doubt, feel free to look for a partner at another club!

Below you will find all information about registration, mode and procedure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to an entertaining evening with you!

Yours Cologne Curlers


Tournament procedure / mode
We play online in the registered teams against each other, first a preliminary round, then a final round of the best 10 teams and finally finals. Even for teams that have already been eliminated, watching and cheering along is of course possible and even desired. Spectators are also welcome (as long as space is available in the online channel). We will play in English!

Team / Entry: Maximum 4 players, minimum 3 (team outfit desired). Since we are playing online, you can of course register across clubs and locations. Please keep in mind that the registration is binding, because we are preparing the format intensively due to the participants. If a player is prevented from playing, please provide a substitute for your team.

Technique: We play via Zoom and recommend to install the application on your PC. Of course, participation via smartphone is also possible, but a larger screen is advantageous for many of the games. In addition, you will need a browser (Chrome, Edge, etc.) for some of the games.

Preparations: Please create a joint WhatsApp group or similar with your team – this way you can „secretly“ consult among yourselves before one of the team logs in a solution. In addition, all players will be sent a questionnaire separately in advance, which must be filled out (5-10 minutes effort) – this will become important in the course of the tournament and therefore we need all mail addresses 😉 But you are NOT allowed to talk about this among yourselves!!! We trust in your curling spirit.

Entry fee: 5 Euro per team, of which we want to buy a prize for the winners. You will receive the transfer details after registration.

Dinner/Break: Registered teams will receive recipe suggestions for a delicious Cologne buffet, which you are welcome to prepare and enjoy during the evening. There will be a short break around 7:30 p.m., after which the tournament can be concluded with a virtual dinner.

Duration: from 6pm until about 10pm -> but since this format is a premiere for us, we can only estimate that ;)Please note that we start 6pm CET (= 5pm GMT)!

Further information: About 6 days before the tournament all registered players will get a mail with the necessary info: Zoom link, recipes and questionnaire (which must be send back soon)